Community Support

Community Support
The foundation will initiate community outreach programs to identify the specific needs of the residents in Idanre. Through collaborations with local leaders and organizations, they’ll provide resources such as food aid, infrastructure development, and skill-building workshops to empower individuals and uplift the community as a whole

Quality Health Care Services

The foundation will establish healthcare clinics or partner with existing healthcare facilities to ensure access to quality medical services for residents. They’ll focus on preventive care, health education, and providing essential medical supplies and equipment to address common health issues prevalent in the community

Educational Scholarship

To support education, the foundation will offer scholarships to deserving students in Idanre. This could include financial assistance for tuition fees, provision of educational materials like books and stationery, and mentorship programs to guide students towards academic success. Additionally, they may invest in educational infrastructure improvements such as school renovations or construction to enhance the learning environment